Do I Require An Evacuation Scheme?
fire & emergency plan, fire drill trial As the OWNER/OCCUPIER of a building, you may require an evacuation scheme if the building is used for any one or more of the following:
  • The gathering together, for any purpose, of 100 or more persons
  • Providing employment facilities for 10 or more persons
  • Providing accommodation for more than 5 persons
  • Storing or processing hazardous substances in quantities exceeding the prescribed minimum amounts
  • Providing early childhood facilities
  • Providing nursing, medical or geriatric care
  • Providing specialised care for people with disabilities
  • Providing accommodation for persons under lawful detention

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Need Fire Drill & Warden Training?
Fire drill warden training In the event of a building emergency as a result of a fire or other emergency, the role of fire warden is crucial to the safety of all building occupants.  During a fire drill or a real evacuation,
the Building Warden represents the New Zealand Fire Service until their arrival and, therefore, has authority over occupants of their building.
NOVA offers a comprehensive fire wardens training course designed to prepare fire wardens for an emergency situation.

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Need An Independent Consultant To Run
Your Next Fire Drill?
Fire Alarm Once a Trial Evacuation Scheme has been approved by the NZ Fire Service regular 6 monthly trial or a fire drill are required to be held and each emercency drill documented.
NOVA EVACUATION SERVICES can run this process for you , ensuring that the correct procedures are followed before during and after the trial evacuation, including liaising with the NZ Fire Service and submitting written fire emergency reports to all relevant parties.

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Does your building have an Emergency Evacuation plan?

If you think you may need an Emergency or a Fire Evacution Plan, we will visit your premises and provide a free quote.
Get a building compliance consultation free.


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Plan Compliance

About Nova Fire Evacuation :: Nova has provided Building Compliance Services in the form of Evacuations and Riser Mains Testing for well over a decade. During this time Nova has established a reputation within the commercial property industry for providing a prompt and thorough service to a wide variety of customers.

In 2008 the company was restructured into Nova Evacuation Services and Nova Flowtec Services.this was primarily to separate the two quite different operations so that the best attention could be given to the needs of each specific client.

Nova Evacuation Services remains a family owned and operated business and with Nova flowtec , servive a large client base throughout the upper north island.

We aim to provide an efficient ,friendly conduit to gain fire evacuation compliance to a level approved by New Zealand Fire Service and often required by the ACC Audit Guidelines.

Design and implement Fire Evacuation Schemes and Procedures, conduct Warden Training & Trial Evacuations.
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